Thursday, 24 October 2013

Follow up tasks for Eveline ( from Dubliners by Joyce)

1. Adapt Eveline to 21st century and rewrite a short story with the same characters in your own city.
2. Create a biography about the life of a character from the story.
3. Create a billboard for the story.
4. Create a movie trailer.
5. Write a poem about one of the characters.

Digitalising the story

Choosing a web 2.0 tool, summarise the story or analyse the characters or suggest the story to others or direct your own movie or animation.
You can create a poster, an animation, a slideshow, a book cover
Create a Fakebook account for one of the characters.

Trailer created by Aris. Thank you Aris for the hard work.

Karin created an awesome Fakebook account using class tools.net

Sintiya's poem

Christina's adaptation to 21st century and Istanbul

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